Running a pcscd daemon on a Android device

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Running a pcscd daemon on a Android device



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> Datum: 15.11.2016 14:13
> Naslov: Running a pcscd daemon on a Android device


I'm trying to run a pcscd daemon on my Android phone.

I've passed all the prerequisite steps, built the pcscd and the smart card reader ACR38U PocketMate II driver from source. The built sources target the arm-linux-androideabi toolchain and execute without a problem on my Android phone.

But the problem arises when i plug in my card reader. The problem manifests as a LIBUSB_ERROR_BUSY.

The attached picture shows the error. 


I understand that this means that there is a another process accessing the usb attached smart card reader.

But is there a way on a Android device to find out the service that is holding the port and disable it on the inserted usb device?

Thing I've tried I've tried several versions of the pcscd daemon and the provided smart card reader software.

The problem persists.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Additional steps done: I've tried it on my desktop machine, the same setup but built it with a x86 toolchain, all works and i can connect to my reader.


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