acsccid 1.0.8 (Solaris) Released

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acsccid 1.0.8 (Solaris) Released

Godfrey Chung-3
Dear All

I would like to inform you that Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 binary
packages had been released. You can get it from

In order to use the packages, you need to install SUNWpcsc package
from Sun Ray Software.

I also discover a problem that SCardEstablishContext() always returns
error if Sun Ray Software is installed. It will work properly if only
SUNWpcsc package is installed.

v1.0.8 (16/2/2017)
- New release.
- Based on acsccid 1.0.8.
- Create card detection thread on Solaris.
- Import bug fixes from acsccid 1.1.4.
  - Fix the PICC detection problem in ACR1281 2S CL Reader.
  - Fix incorrect data type for responseLen in EnablePicc().
  - Fix segmentation fault in CardDetectionThread().
  - Fix random order of interfaces in OpenUSBByName().
  - Return the second version in ACR83_GetFirmwareVersion().
  - Fix incorrect message length for APG8201 v008I.



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