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acsccid 1.1.2 Released

Godfrey Chung-3
Dear All

I would like to inform you that acsccid 1.1.2 had been released.

v1.1.2 (18/2/2016)
- Return the second version in ACR83_GetFirmwareVersion().
- Disable SetParameters for OEM Reader (VID: 072F, PID: 8205) v029Z in
- Merge with ccid 1.4.22.
  - Comments: Remove the $Id$ tag.
  - Move max() definition in a header file.
  - IFDHTransmitToICC: Reuse ccid_descriptor.
  - OpenUSBByName(): use device bus and address only when available.
  - IFDHCloseChannel(): use FreeChannel().
  - CreateChannelByNameOrChannel(): call FreeChannel() in case of error.
  - OpenUSBByName(): do not call close_libusb_if_needed().
  - OpenUSBByName(): read Info.plist only once.
  - OpenUSBByName(): add some low level debug.
  - OpenUSBByName(): fix possible use of uninitialized variable.

Please download it from



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