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acsccid 1.1.3 Released

Godfrey Chung-3
Dear All

I would like to inform you that acsccid 1.1.3 had been released.

v1.1.3 (22/6/2016)
- Add the following readers support:
  ACR39U ID1 Card Reader
  ACR1251 CL Reader (ACM1251U-Z2)
- Break if the device was disconnected in Multi_PollingProc().
- Merge with ccid 1.4.23.
  - MacOSX/configure: exit in error if configure failed.
  - InterruptRead(): log libusb error name.
  - Remove support of DRIVER_OPTION_RESET_ON_CLOSE.
  - Update URL in a comment.
  - ccid_usb.c: improve close_libusb_if_needed().
  - Fix a busy loop consuming 100% of CPU.
- Merge with ccid 1.4.15.
  - get_end_points(): be more strict for bInterfaceClass = 255.
- Add control codes for Windows compatibility.
- Merge with ccid 1.4.24.
  - ccid_usb.c: fix a race condition on multi reader.
  - CreateChannel: allow to use a non default timeout.
  - IFDHGetCapabilities: fix SCARD_ATTR_VENDOR_IFD_SERIAL_NO size.
- Fix a race condition in CardDetectionThread().
- Avoid libusb timeout on Mac OS X in CreateChannelByNameOrChannel().
- Fix random order of interfaces in OpenUSBByName().

Please download it from



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