acsccid 1.1.4 Released

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acsccid 1.1.4 Released

Godfrey Chung-3
Dear All

I would like to inform you that acsccid 1.1.4 had been released.

v1.1.4 (7/12/2016)
- Add the following readers support:
  ACR1261 CL Reader
  ACR1311 PICC Reader
  ACR1281 Dual Reader (ACR1281U-C2 UID Reader)
- Merge with ccid 1.4.25.
  - Import src/misc.h.
  - log_msg(): log up to 3 lines of 80 characters.
  - Fix spelling error in a log message.
  - Add missing openct/README in distribution.
  - CmdXfrBlockCHAR_T0: returns an error when needed.
  - fix typos in comment.
  - Remove extra spaces.
- Fix incorrect message length for APG8201 v008I.

Please download it from



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